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PLATINUM ATHLETIC COLLECTIONS is an American apparel that specializes in exclusive hoodie designs, tracksuits, varsity jackets, gym outfits, and casual sports wears like sweatshirts and sweaters.

Our clothing brand is perfectly tailored to fit all sizes like it was customized for you. So, whether you are burning calories at the gym, doing some outdoor hangout activity, or going for a drink on a cool evening, we guarantee you will find what you are looking for from our collections.

Our brand name PLATINUM was chosen to reflect the rarity of the metal that bears the same name, which is metaphorically used to imply an elite or king status. The atomic number of Platinum is 78, which when written in Roman Numeral is LXXVIII. To create an endless possibility of design styles that meet our goal of exclusivity, we have several marks that we use on our clothing which are all derived from our logo mark. To learn more, see section on brief generalities in our terms and conditions.

Let us dress you for the occasion and give you the style you deserve where it is most needed.

Class and style for Elites!!